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It is a system of fences made of high impact resistant PVC. The plastic thanks to use of special improving components features exceptional durability of colour, resistance to UV radiation exposure, and extreme temperatures exposure.

Fences do not rot like wood, and do not rust like metal, they do not require labour consuming and expensive maintenance.
These are the newest generation fences providing perfect whiteness and excellent appearance for many years. The present offer includes several patterns of white fence sections: gates and wickets , balustrade and pergolas.

  •  no need to paint, impregnate, or use of anti- corrosion agents
  • easy to keep clean
  • exceptional durability of colour due to use of special stabilizing agents
  • resistance to UV radiation and extreme temperature exposures
  • decoration variety of finish components 
  • rich selection of kinds and styles of fences
  • easy and fast assembly (even without assistance of professional building companies)